The positioning of your site on the first page of Google is one of the first marketing levers to gain visibility. Google's algorithm is based on your legitimacy to appear in the first positions when searching for an Internet user. SEO is an important marketing lever that will make it possible to increase the visibility of a website in a sustainable way.

What is SEO for?

An SEO agency helps you optimize these ranking factors so that you are best positioned on the main search engines. In addition, it is also essential to ensure that your writing is perceived as being a reliable source of information for search engines. Here again, the SEO agency can help you by providing you with the best practices to succeed in your SEO strategy. Thanks to a natural referencing agency, it is possible to position your website on the first page of Google.

To design a high-performance website, you have to pool three professions: the graphic designer who will take care of the visual part, the developer for the functional part, and the SEO expert for the Google optimization part. Concretely, referencing indicates all the actions allowing to improve the position of a website during a search on a search engine. The objective of SEO is to make the site in question as visible as possible on a selection of strategic keywords. The notion of SEO must be taken into account from the creation of the website by optimizing the structure and writing optimized content for Google.

Step 1: Analyze Google searches: an important starting point

The first step before making a site visible is, first of all, to analyze the competition. This analysis will make it possible to select the keywords which allow generating qualified traffic, ie visitors likely to use your services or buy your products.

In addition, it will also be necessary to carry out a thorough analysis of the website in order to work as well as possible on the semantics of the content and to determine the technical points to be improved in order to do better than the competing sites.

Step 2: Optimize the foundations of your website

Before any SEO service, you must start by optimizing the internal organization of a website. It is the basis of any strategy, it is an essential step. Whether it concerns meta-tags, the Hn structure or the internal mesh, everything must be analyzed so that the structure complies with Google's recommendations.

Step 3: Write optimized content using the right keywords

In addition, writing optimized content for Google is an essential step in order to better position a website on the Google tool. Each page must respect the semantic field of the subject. In addition, you must respect a certain title structure so that Google fully understands the hierarchy of your content.

In addition, Google is positioning itself more and more as a response search engine, so we must work on the semantics in relation to the search intent of Internet users. Finally, from a marketing point of view, you have to determine your target in order to write content adapted to your expectations.

Step 4: Strengthen your popularity through a net linking strategy

When your site is indexed in the results, that is to say, that it is considered by Google as a reliable site, you will be able to increase its positioning by using "backlinks". These are hypertext links found in pages that send a user from site A to site B.

The use of net linking is very important in an SEO strategy because it is a way that will make your website popular in the eyes of Google. The more relevant backlinks you get, the better your website will rank with Google. In short, to rank on competitive keywords, you are going to need quality websites that recommend your own site.

Step 5: Monitor the results to guide the strategy

For any natural referencing service, it will be necessary to frequently check the performance indicators (KPI) in order to monitor the impact of SEO actions. Thanks to tracking tools, it is possible to analyze organic traffic and adapt to Google updates as quickly as possible. For example, the Google Analytics tool and SEMrush make it possible to track the traffic generated by a website.

In conclusion, when you hire an SEO agency, your choice will determine your success. By entrusting your Google SEO to a digital agency specializing in SEO, you will be working with an expert who can support you with the greatest know-how. Throughout the delivery, it is essential to look at the analysis of the result to determine the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. The main key performance indicators are the evolution of organic traffic, the evolution of strategic keywords as well as the evolution of the turnover generated by the website in question.